“Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act.” Jack Welch 

I met Jack Welch while I was living in NY. I was young, and he believed in me. That confidence empowered my innate strenght and helped me through difficult times. Today, it is my turn to believe in young people, in the new generation. They express their talents in new ways, and I support them.
I offer them mental, spiritual and emotional support during traumatic situations in their lives, during illnesses, and during losses and periods of grief. Through mental training, meditation practices, compassion practices, I offer practical ways to come to terms with the situation; finding grip and make changes from the inside out..

Every phase of life is riddled with obstacles. Even young people have to deal with crises, traumatic events, loss and grief. Sorrow and difficulties are just around the corner. Some people tell inspiring stories about resilience and growth through difficulty. But it doesn’t always work that way, while stress management in a crisis is really important. For the sake of health and well-being. And for growth.

On behalf of EMPLOYERS, I work with teams on mental skills and stress prevention to improve their well-being and health, which translates to their work ethics and enjoyment. The impact of traumatic life events is major. They influence cognitive ability, physical ability, behavior, emotional functioning and spiritual embedding. “Life skills” can bring a person from chaos to order, from a state of agitation to calm. My coaching can help develop resilience; even as prevention. My work promotes recovery, resilience and job satisfaction in life-altering circumstances! To do what you really care about. Today!

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Note: I work closely together with other professionals like medical doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, e.a.