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The only thing to organize is a space where you can be undisturbed! You will be guided through a day of DISCOVERY. You will explore the mind, the soul and your energylevel. Including a delightful lunch-recipe from an exquisite Italian cook and other practices to activate finding clarity.

In this retreat you can participate from the comfort of your home or office, you will have the opportunity to step out of your daily routine and create a calm and undisturbed space for your well being, We will offer you tools and practices to support you to calm the mind, relax the body, reduce stress and anxiety, find clarity and improve your general health and well being.

Perhaps too many hours of screen-time burden your body, or you might feel tired because you strive so hard to make a living, perhaps your world and your mind is spinning because you are trying to create new opportunities now life has changed. Or perhaps you want to change your life but you don’t find the right mindset to start. What ever situation you find yourself in this retreat will offer you the space for what ever you need right now,

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Due to the worldwide pandamic we have to postpone the European Retreat with Tara Brach and Jonathan Foust for 2021. We will look into possibilities for 2022.
Here is a personal message from Tara: “Dear friends, Jonathan and I are sad to miss having time with you – our European friends – this coming year. Please feel our love and blessings as you navigate these challenging times. Our prayer is that whatever is difficult serves to awaken a deepening of healing, love and wisdom in your beautiful hearts.”
For a link to one of her talks or beautiful guided meditations see here,