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Beeldje_1000The Story ………………………

March 2015 I followed a month-long Vipassana retreat and an intensive training of the four qualities of the heart in Spirit Rock, California.

During this retreat the mind calmed down and the heart went open. When thinking stepped aside the experience of energy with as sense of belonging was available. The energy of the absolute dimension containing no duality. From there pure senses of compassion for all of life emerged.

Giving words to this energy sound like: define energy, oneness, chi, unconditional love, nirvana etc.
Expressed in music the energy could be written by Mozart, Hildegard von Bingen or more temporarily by Arvo Pärt. Expressed in image this energy can be found in the East as Quan Ying (China) or Tara (Tibet); symbols of compassion.

With this sense of belonging comes memory. Returning home I gave it form. This handmade sculpture is made in bronze. It carries the name “to the benefit of all living beings. A first example is offered as a gift to the Spirit Rock teacher who walked me to the door of this experience of the absolute dimension.

This bronze can be purchased, at your demand a sculpture will be cast at a Dutch bronze foundry. 10% of each sail will go to humanitarian projects of Care for Joy in Nepal (working alongside Copan Monastery in Kathmandu). More information :

The bronze sculpture is € 325,-


If you’d like to order this bronze sculpture, please contact me on this website, or order your sculpture below.

Bronze Sculpture: To the benefit of all living beings