Specialized Coaching


Get guidance from an experienced coach

“Sometimes, you have to climb up the mountain to get an overview of the valley.”

If a traumatic life situation cannot be fixed, and the “old self” cannot be repaired, it will evoke all kinds of strong reactions.
Discussing it is only part of the solution. Reflection and self-reflection are necessary for growth. Simple answers don’t always exist.
An expert coach is familiar with the landscape of loss and grief, and is skilled in researching the most optimal conditions to return to the self safely. This is helpful in stabilizing emotions (insecurity, fear and powerlessness) and provides tools for getting a grip.
Through cooperation, it is possible to get in touch (again) with the wisdom that lies within you.

The coaching is not a therapy.
The goal is to get to know reality as it is, with an open mind.
To notice profound feelings and desires without being overwhelmed.
To learn to develop compassion for the rawness of existence.
Facing the unknown through acceptance, and finding a measure of peace is certainly possible.

The coaching is based on scientific principles, the great wisdom traditions and on personal experience.

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I am a licenced Sr. Coach, confidential advisor, mentor and teacher (Mindfulness)
at the association of VMBN  as a category 1 trainer en VVM