Loss, sadness and grieve

What others say about this programm:

“Going through the loss of a loved one, be it through an accident, a sudden health decline or be it through a long disease, is always devastating.
Support programs for relatives for example of cancer or dementia patients or to get through the immediacy of loss are – thank goodness- more readily available these days.
But what about support years after the death? We are assuming that life should go back to normal after a year or two. But is this the case? Margreeth’s program offers something for this big gap. Spurred by her own experience of loosing her husband to cancer over many years while being deeply steeped in mindfulness and compassion practice for many decades already, she created this beautiful, deep and transformative program. In my view she is giving a gift to all of us and makes this world a more humane, loving and connected place.”

Dr. Christiane Wolf-
Author and Mentor MMTCP