Margreeth van der Oord

I have investigated human life intensely during my entire career;
studied with universities and top institutes around the world,
reflected on ancestry life and the workplace as well. Supervised by top class teachers.
I am acknowledged for it by the International Mindfulness Association.
I am among the very few certified professionals in Europe and the first one in The Netherlands.

Out of  the insights and knowledge I’ve created a large toolbox for you to benefit from when you,
yourself, are challenged by life changing events. All Mindfulness and scientific based.
When your life- fountain gets clogged by unprocessed life events you can use these tools
to get that debris dissolved!
For your mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health and well being.
Your life will start flowing again; you will find new solutions.
You will thrive again and you will find the future at your side again.
To your benefit and all the others you are connected with.

For individuals and employers, my work includes:
Support and practical tools during major life events.
Stress management and prevention of burnout.
For individuals as well as teams in the workplace.
In addition, I assist people with a medical diagnose  (terminal illness, chronic disease, pain) and/or their partners,
at their own request or that of the employer. I specialized in traumatic life events & grief and loss. I am an International Certified Mindfulness Teacher – Professional Level (CMT-P)

My work is the result of many years of studies and practical experience in organizations that I managed and led. From creating optimal workplaces I made a shift to optimize the life of individuals in trouble (also group settings). Where I was initially focused on mental processes, burnout and depression, health & well-being, I later specialized in trauma and traumatic life events such as loss and grief related to society and institutional, cultural and gender diversity. I focus on sustainable employability.
My services are based on scientific knowledge, my theoretical knowledge is up to date; in 2019, I completed a 2-year International science-based training. I am very motivated to provide effective tools that support well-being, mental health and relationships for people dealing with harrowing situations.


ABOUT MARGREETH VAN DER OORD: “I discovered many roads to look into the hearts of people and holding the space for them”.
Pioneer additional healthcare, Professional in Management (MSM), Certified Mindfulness Teacher (Registered in the Netherlands, VMBN cat. 1. Registration number 2012337), Certified International CMT-P (0314)

With work-experience in schools, organizations, local politics, collaboration with artists and being an entrepreneur since ’92,
Including studies as pedagogics, psychology, management, mindfulness and meditation Teacher-programs*
*National MBCT-MBSR
*International Meditation Teacher. MMTCP-program (CA) Instructed by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield ea Accr. Berkeley Univ.of CA.