About me

I have a passion for diversity. To me personally, diversity means uniqueness and there for magic.
I keep learning form others no matter if I work one-one, with a team, or on organization level. Collaborating in diversity might not be easy but I belief in order for us to solve complex problems of today’s modern life cognitive diversity is the strength we need.

I have also a passion for inclusion. As a means for personal, interpersonal, and group development and growth. As a leader, teacher & coach/consultant I offer my presence and tools, practices, and methods for becoming more conscious. Becoming more aware of our inside world on cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. And of the existence in the outside world and others, for learning, speaking our truth and collaboration.

I feel the present moment is the only moment where we can make a choice for change and a better future. I do not so much belief in learning from the past. Being aware in the current moment of mindset, thoughts, feelings, conscious-actions and attitude will, I belief determine the future. And if that supports happiness and well being for us all, including self.

I have committed myself for at least the next five years to stay actively involved in the dynamics of conscious work and conscious business. It is my wish to meet and collaborate with many other change makers around the globe.

Margreeth van der Oord

My work is the result of many years of studies and practical experience in organizations that I managed and led. From creating optimal workplaces I made a shift to optimize the life of individuals in trouble (also group settings). Where I was initially focused on mental processes, burnout and depression, health & well-being, I later specialized in trauma and traumatic life events such as loss and grief related to society and institutional, cultural and gender diversity. I focus on sustainable employability. I recently returned to working with teams again.
My services are based on scientific knowledge, my theoretical knowledge is up to date; in 2019, I completed a 2-year International science-based training. I am very motivated to provide effective tools that support well-being, mental health and relationships for people dealing with harrowing situations.


ABOUT MARGREETH VAN DER OORD: “I discovered many roads to look into the hearts of people and holding the space for them”.
Pioneer additional healthcare, Professional in Management (MSM), Certified Mindfulness Teacher (Registered in the Netherlands, VMBN cat. 1. Registration number 2012337), Certified International CMT-P (0314)

With work-experience in schools, organizations, local politics, collaboration with artists and being an entrepreneur since ’92,
Including studies as pedagogics, psychology, management, mindfulness and meditation Teacher-programs*
*National MBCT-MBSR
*International Meditation Teacher. MMTCP-program (CA) Instructed by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield ea Accr. Berkeley Univ.of CA.