About me

I love people and nature.

My passion lies with diversity. To me, diversity means infinite variety; magical!
I continue to learn with others and it doesn’t matter if I work one-one or with a team or within an organization. Collaborating in diversity may not be easy, but I believe cognitive diversity is the power to solve complex problems in our current modern lives.

I also have a passion for inclusion, as an avenue for personal, interpersonal and group development and growth. As a leader, trainer & coach/consultant, I bring my presence, skills, exercises and methods for greater awareness.

Paying attention to and becoming more aware of our inner world on a cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual level, and the reality around us; to learn from, speak our truth, collaborate and choose appropriate actions.

For me, the present moment is the only moment where we can make a choice for change and a better future. Each of us comes from a long line of ancestors and traditions. We continue traditions but also have the opportunity to “do it differently. And the only time we can create a future and contribute to a better life is NOW. I don’t believe so much in learning from the past. Being mindful and aware in the present moment, internally and externally at the same time, and choosing our actions that benefit human nature and future, I believe, will determine our future and that of others. .

In the next five years I will continue to be actively involved in the dynamics of consciousness work (in the workplace and beyond) and in the further development of inclusive organizations. It is my wish to continue to meet other drivers of change and to collaborate with them globally.

Margreeth van der Oord


My work is the result of many years of study and practical experience (72.000 hrs). My view of people and organizations is that we are part of nature and dependent on nature. I am trained in skills deeply focused on applying Mindfulness and compassion and self-compassion to relationships, conflict, trauma, loss and raw, organizational wisdom, change in society & cultural sensitivity


ABOUT MARGREETH VAN DER OORD: “I discovered many roads to look into the hearts of people and holding the space for them”.

Pioneer additional healthcare, Professional in Management (MSM), Certified Mindfulnessteacher (Registered in the Netherlands, VMBN cat. 1. Registrationumber 2012337), International certified CMT-P (0314).


With work experience in schools, organizations, local politics, collaboration with artists and being an entrepeneur since ’92,
Including studies as pedagogy, psychology, management, strategic management, mindfulness and meditation teacherprograms*.
*National MBCT-MBSR
*International Meditation Teacher. MMTCP-program (CA) Instructed by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield ea Accr. Berkeley Univ.of CA.
Inspired by the Club of Rome, The Club of Budapest, The work of Joanna Macy e.a.